Raising smart healthy AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies for over 19 years.

Answers to some of the most common questions:                 

There are tons of adds on line for Bernese puppies, so why should I buy from you? Please take a moment and read the tab "Why buy from me". There is difference, in breeders and most importantly in Bernese. After 19+ years, I have MANY repeat buyers, so I must be doing something right.

I was wondering if you could send us a picture of your recent litter's daddy? If you look at my site, under gallery, there is a ton of pictures of Murphy (the dad).  

How long you have been breeding? As far as "breeding Bernese" this is 19th year. I am NOT a kennel or puppy mill (which are SO common in this breed, they do it for the money, the dogs are over breed and not socialized!! It makes me so mad, I cant imagine keeping one penned up all the time) My 1 male and 3 females (2 of which are spayed) are part of our family. They run freely on 35 acres, with an invisible fence system. The puppies are not kept in a kennel. They are in my living room until they graduate from the whelping box at 3 weeks. Our puppies are loved and played with every day. When they can escape out of the whelping box, they are moved to another area of the house that I had designed just for puppies, when we built our home 6 years ago. As far as being a breeder, I am VERY selective and only have 1 sometimes 2 litters a year.

What is the pedigree? Arie was imported as a puppy from Romania, she has a mostly European bloodline and Murphy's is mostly American. I would be more than happy to email you a copy each of their Certified Pedigree from AKC, please just email me a request.

Can I have my puppy earlier thank 8 weeks? Now for taking a puppy younger than 6-8 weeks, I usually go not let them go until they are at least 6 weeks, 8 weeks for shipping. That is due to the airline requirements.  If I know the puppy is eating well and the new owner is responsible, will socialize the puppy and give it tons of attention, like it mother and litter mates would do, I might make an exception. How would we send you a deposit and how much would you need down?

How do we send a deposit? We do require a deposit of $250.00 (non-refundable) the remaining balance due at pick up. I prefer a check or US Post office money order, you can pay online with bank wire transfer or Cash App. I will allow one week for the deposit to reach me. If a puppy has to be shipped there is an additional charge of $500.00 for shipping. Which covers the air flight, health certificate and NEW PetSafe crate/carrier. The full amount is to be paid in full 1 week prior to shipping. Please call, text or email me for additional information. 

Do they have to be shipped or can I come pick my puppy up? No, shipping is NOT required. I am happy to meet with 4 hours from Oklahoma City any direction. If all possible we would like very much for you to come and see where your new puppy came from. We like to meet the new families and we also like for the new families to meet the puppy parents and us so you know your puppy came from a good home. If you are not able to come we will correspond through text/call or email.  We want you to ask questions and for veterinarian references. Please do not be alarmed if we ask a lot of questions also! We just want to be sure that our puppies are going to safe loving homes.

Have the puppies been check by a vet? As former a practice manager for a multi doctor veterinarian clinic in Shawnee, OK my puppies always have the best of care. All vaccinations would be given and dew claws removed. At shipment time, they will have been vet checked again, shots and wormed before they go to their new homes.

Have the parents be shown and most important, what kind of personalities do these puppies have? No, none of my BMD's have been shown. They do have Show Champions in both Pedigrees. I am no into all that show politics, I wanted a healthy fun loving dog that would bring joy and happiness into our lives. My Berners have done that in abundance! They are both such clowns~ our puppies are very well socialized and handled everyday, which makes them happy confident dogs that are very responsive to people, easy to train and quick to learn.

Why are the puppies noses pink or have black spots? Bernese puppies will have a pink nose when first born, by the time they are 2 months or so, their nose and pink around the mouth will have turned black.