Raising smart healthy AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies for over 19 years.

Whhhhat? Why? Golden Mtn Dogs~ The best of both breeds! 

Our Golden Mountain Dog litter is a precise, planed cross. 

AKC Bernese Mtn Dog “Murphy” & AKC English Crème Golden Retriever “Sugar”

*Both parents are genetic tested and have AKC Registration. 

*These puppies will have veterinarian health certification.

When you have a planned cross, you’re creating new genetics. 

NEW genetics are always much healthier than a giant bred.

These are the absolute best family dog~ GMD’s are smart, make excellent service dogs, they love to play, love the water all with a much longer lifespan than n AKC Bernese. GMD as a breed is a medium-sized, sturdy dog is known for being loyal and friendly. Being swift and agile, it also does well in competitive obedience. Like its parents, it has almond-shaped eyes set deeply in its face, large floppy ears, and a moderately long tail.

The English Cream Golden Retriever has an extraordinary block head with a wide skull and a thick muzzle. It is known for wide angular shoulders and hind quarters. Our puppies should mature at 75-95 pounds with a sturdy heavy frame. This beautiful cross will result in a longer life span average is 9-15 years. Not only beautiful~ GMD’s are obedient, eager to please, intelligent, affectionate, friendly, cheerful and puppy like long into adulthood.

Sugars puppies ready NOW

They are $750 When they leave to go to their forever homes they will be current on all veterinary visits including vaccinations and have been microchiped. With one year standard health guarantee.

Thank you! Rhyan & Krystal

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