Raising smart healthy AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies for over 19 years.

Who I am..... 

Where were you born? In Nicoma Park, a rural country town in Oklahoma. We raised beef and dairy cattle, dabbled some in horses and I always had a dog with me. All my life I have ALWAYS had a dog. 

When did you fall in love with the Bernese breed? Lets see... my first encounter with the breed was when my kids where still little, we took them to Robbers Cave State Park to hike.... we went around a bend and low and behold I saw the most beautiful dog I had ever seen. I had the same reaction as most people do when they meet a Bernese in person for the first time... I dropped to one knee and instantly wrapped my arms around it! The rest is history.  

When did you decide you wanted to raise BMD's? Well honestly, it was a very easy decision. I worked as a practice manager at a veterinarian clinic at that time. I had already received Dyna my first BMD as a surprise Christmas present from my husband and really wanted another. I searched high and low for a quality male I could purchase that would meet my requirements (mainly price!!) This was like 2002 so no internet, only newspaper adds. No genetic testing. To make matters worse I was not in the "popular group of Bernese owners" I did not hobb nobb with show people and back then they ALL made me feel not worthy of being Bernese owner. That's when I made my mind up to become a breeder. I wanted to share this breed with the world. I wanted every family with children to be able to own one. I knew how much I loved this breed and they would have the very best in veterinary care... so I set out to become what I am today. 

What sets you apart from other breeders?

First of all I am NICE. Super easy to work with. I will NEVER make you feel unworthy. I am upfront and honest to a fault. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to own the dog of their dreams! I am not a kennel, meaning I do NOT house any of my dogs outside in a building. All 6 of my BMD's live inside with us. I welcome people into my home to meet my dogs and or visit their puppies. Everyone should know where their puppies come from! I have  even facetimed with people to give them a walk through of my home and puppy area.

I never rehome any of Bernese. I will always buy back ANY of my puppies/dogs no judgement or questions asked.

All of my dogs are genetic tested and clear of any inherited diseases found in Bernese.(DM, SODB1, VWH, HUU) Mostly what I am proud of is the longevity in the blood line I continue to breed. My beautiful Dyna saw 12 years and 4 months and Rider saw 12 years and 5 days. Also Lilly was 11 years and 3 months when she passed. Hannah is 11 years old, I also have her daughter 5 year old Piper. Piper's daddy was my old guy Rider, she was from the last litter he sired. I also have 2 year old Pip, she is Pipers daughter. So have 3 generations under one roof. Along with Murphy, my handsome male, he is 4 years old. Then Sierra she is 3 years old and my newest addition is Aire, she was imported from another breeder that could not keep her. I wanted to add some imported bloodline, to keep the diversity within the breed, so I purchased Aire, she is 2 years old and hopefully will have her first litter in the spring of 2022.