Raising smart healthy AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies for over 19 years.

Why buy from me?

Dear Potential Berner Owner,

My story of how I met Becky, Rider and Dyna is both happy and sad. 

In December of 2007, my Husband and I lost our older Golden Retriever, Thor.
His passing left an incredibly large hole in our lives.  Our dogs were our
family and our constant companions.

Our younger Golden, Hercules, was only a year and a half younger and had
fought health problems his entire life.  Having been a dog person (dog
centric as my family calls it) my entire life, I could not imagine not
having a happy face to come home to after a long day at work.  I knew it
would be harder on my Husband - he worked out of a home office and the
'Boys' where his co-workers.  So the puppy search started.

I found out about Rider and Dyna's first litter when I was researching the
Bernese Mountain Dog Breed.  I had always admired the breed.  But I wasn't
sure that I would ever be happy with anything other then a Golden Retriever.
But something Becky put on her web site really caught my eye.  She mentioned
that Berners had the personality of the Golden breed.  I knew then that I
had to contact her to find out about the new family.

Becky was very easy to work with and very responsive.  She had shared her
life with Goldens in the past and was now a Berner convert.  I had thought
that I had done a lot of research on the Breed, but after talking with
Becky, I realized there were still a lot of things that I didn't know.

I'm not sure if I was the first person to contact her about the litter, but
I know that I got the absolute best puppy - or so I think.

I remember the day that we drove up to pick up Loki (or so we through his
name would be).  As we pulled into the drive and Dyna and Rider were out in
the yard getting some exercise (I think Dyna was just trying to get a break
from the kids).  As we got out of the car, Rider ran up to my Husband and
Dyna ran up to me.  I could see my husband's heart melt as Rider swung
around so his back was between his feet and then Rider hopped up on his back
legs and leaned back into my Husband.  That had been a favorite ritual
between my Husband and our Thor.  Rider and Dyna were just loves.
Absolutely gorgeous.  You could tell that they were well cared for and a
part of the family.

The puppies were all fat and happy and taking a nap in the sun.  Becky went
over some instructions about the puppies and we picked up the newest member
of the family and drove home.

I wish I could say that our story ended with happily ever after, but every
cloud has both a silver lining and rain.  We lost our Hercules only two
months after Rhonon (my husband's choice in names) joined our family.  He
never had the chance to 'train' Rhon.  But, I'll tell you, this puppy that I
have, this absolutely wonderful puppy, has really made the loss bearable.

So, if you're looking at this web page and thinking about adopting one for
my Rhon's brothers or sisters for any reason at all, I'd say go for it.  I'm
sure you could find more expensive puppies - but why?  Becky is making the
effort to make this incredible breed easier for everyone to access.  To be
honest, with 20/20 hindsight, my Rhon is worth five times what Becky is
asking for.  (Okay, more then five times - but since I may be back in the
future for another puppy so I don't want to over inflate the price.) 

Please don't think, from the price, that you're getting a discount Berner.
These are truly legitimate, beautiful, well bred puppies what will bring joy
into your life.

If I do have one word of caution - it's this:  Make sure that you research
the breed.  Berners are big dogs.  And I'm not talking big as in 40-60 lbs
range.  You really need to think of what it means to bring something this
size into your life.  I don't, ever, want to think of my Rhon's brothers or
sisters being chained out in the back yard because they got too big.


Rhonon the Incredible's Mom,

Jo from Joplin.